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Clo Kukui

Many readers of Ratchet+Wrench are familiar with Ryan Clo. As an extremely successful owner, coach, and contributor to the publication and industry as a whole, Clo has shared his knowledge and success with many. He has been able to transform his business,, from a small operation to an impressive, two facility business in Ohio.

“I enjoy the industry and want to see it thrive,” he says.

Throughout his years in business, Clo has worked with many different companies and systems that have aided in his growth. One of those companies being KUKUI. 

Since 2015, Clo has been using KUKUI to build and maintain his website and online presence, as well as track the data of his growing business.   

“I'm aware that there are other companies out there, and there's a lot of different systems,” Clo says. “But I keep KUKUI as my base.”


Reliable Relationship

“A lot of us automotive people are a little old-fashioned and like things that are relationship-based,” Clo says.

Throughout his years with KUKUI, Clo says he has been able to build a strong relationship based on reliability and trust with the company and individual team members. 

“My personal rep⁠—I've had her for years⁠—her name is Rhonda, and she has never let me down,” he says.

Clo looks to Rhonda for anything he may need regarding his website. Having one point of contact, and not needing to wrangle together a designer and AdWords person, has been really helpful and convenient, he says.

“If I need a banner added to my website, two days later it’s there,” Clo explains. “KUKUI gets it done.”

The KUKUI team has always been incredibly helpful and involved with Clo and his business, especially when he was first designing his website. 

“I went back and forth [with KUKUI] a few times when making my website, and I'm really happy with the design,” he says. “They were willing to put in the work, and kept [tweaking it] until I was happy with the design and functionality.”


All-In-One Platform

Clo primarily looks to KUKUI to manage his website and the multiple different factors that go into the front- and back-end of tracking and marketing his online presence. But KUKUI offers even more services to help grow a business.

“They also offer call recording, email campaigns, Google AdWords, heat mapping⁠—I mean the list goes on and on,” Clo explains.   

Tracking ROI through his dashboard has been extremely useful to Clo and was one of the original reasons he began using KUKUI.

“It’s been tremendously helpful,” he says, “I like my point of sale, but not everybody's point of sale is great. I think a lot of KUKUI's data is probably even more helpful for people whose management system has some limitations.”

Being able to track the analytics of Clo’s marketing efforts helps to determine which campaigns and platforms are successful and worth his investment. He and his team are then able to make adjustments to the marketing budget based on the data from his dashboard. 

“So many shop owners are busy, and I think owners are exploring lots of different options out there,” he says. “If you had to pick somebody, KUKUI is an easy choice because they do so many things with one fell swoop and they make things easy.”


The Right Fit

Over the past five years Clo has been using KUKUI, he has experienced large amounts of growth. Although there has been physical expansion within his business, he also attributes KUKUI to his overall growing success.     

“I certainly feel that they have been a critical component to the growth,” he says. “Marketing being a main piece to that⁠ success—and KUKUI as the central part of my marketing has helped me make decisions on how to spend my money.”

Along with experiencing success within his own business, Clo also recommends KUKUI to a majority of his clients. 

“For so many, it's a really good starting point,” he explains. “When I think about all of the providers out there, they're still at the top of the list.” 


If you would like to learn more about KUKUI, visit or call (877) 695-6008


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