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April ARO, Car Count Averages

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April 29, 2020—In March, Tekmetric put out The Tekmetric Index  to monitor economical trends and see how the industry was performing as a whole during the wake of the pandemic. The index collected data from 500 auto repair shops of varying sizes in the U.S. and Canada measuring ARO and car count.

Here’s a look at what the past few months have been like for shops across the nation. 

At the beginning of March, the index found that, on average, car count was at 10 and ARO was $414 (all information was taken from Wednesday, to control for day of the week). After the first week of social distancing, average car count dropped slightly to 9, but ARO actually increased to $444. Two weeks in and car count took more of a hit, with an average of 7, but ARO remained the same. 

April was pretty similar to March, with car count ranging in the 6-8 range throughout the month, with the exception of Sundays, which was between 2-3. This is most likely due to less shops being open on Sundays and hours being cut due to the pandemic. ARO was also similar to March, with one notable spike on April 5, where the ARO average shot to $1,429, which is interesting, because it was before the stimulus checks were sent out. Overall, ARO across the nation for April has been in the $400-$600 range Monday-Saturday, with a lower ARO on Sundays. 

To view the numbers and continue to track, visit the index at 


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