The Map of Success

Nov. 1, 2021

Utilize the KUKUI dashboard and customer map to drive your marketing decisions. 

Just about two years ago at MWACA’s VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Jennifer and Mike Baggett saw a presentation on the many advantages of using the marketing tools of KUKUI. Almost immediately after the presentation, the couple began their KUKUI journey at their Illinois shop, Pro Automotive Services. 

KUKUI has helped to turn the shop’s once self-described “stale” website into a vibrant, easy-to-use marketing tool⁠—helping to bring in new customers and grow the business. The Baggetts are also now able to track their shop's marketing efforts like never before. By utilizing KUKUI’s All-in-One Shop Performance Dashboard and Customer Map, they can see vital shop analytics to aid in their marketing and investment decisions.

An Easy Transition 

Jennifer Baggett recalls the transition over to KUKUI as a seamless one. They were originally given a point of contact who helped them set up their newly designed website before working directly with their KUKUI account manager. 

“Having one person whose only job is to help set up new accounts made the entire process very streamline,” she says. 

Now, whenever they want to update their website with any promotions or new photos, Baggett says she can simply send over any changes to the KUKUI team and the website is updated anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. 

The new website has garnered far more traffic for Pro Automotive Services than before, and even more importantly, the new traffic is now trackable through the shop’s KUKUI dashboard. 

KUKUI’s All-in-One Shop Performance Dashboard helps break down the shop’s revenue, car count, customer conversion rate, email address capture rate, and more. By viewing the dashboard, Baggett can get a full inside look at how the shop’s marketing is performing. 

“Just looking at the data, we have gotten 136 calls in the past three months driven solely from our website,” Baggett explains. “And from those phone calls, our website has brought in around 40 customers.”

The proof is in the KUKUI data.      

Detailed Tracking

As a tool to decipher where to send direct mail advertisements, Baggett relies on the Customer Map within KUKUI’s control panel. The map allows her to specify a particular time frame in order to get a geographical look at how much money is being spent at the shop from specific areas. 

“With KUKUI’s Customer Map, I can look at different divisions and zero in on anywhere from the past 12 months to 15 days in order to see who has been in the shop and how much money they have spent in that time,” she explains.

This hyper-focused look at geographic spending offers Baggett a way to get a detailed look at where more advertising efforts should be made. If she notices that a household has been a customer for an extended time and has spent a good amount of money in last few months, she can then focus on targeting their neighbors⁠—who may have similar spending habits and most likely heard about the shop from that neighboring customer. Baggett is also able to identify customer “holes” on the map, and focus on investing in marketing to areas where the shop currently doesn’t have any customers. 

By delving into the data that the Customer Map offers, Baggett may also decide to stop marketing to specific areas, or even change the advertising medium. KUKUI has the ability to break down the type of advertising that is bringing in which customers and from where. With designated and trackable phone numbers and web addresses, Baggett knows which marketing efforts are working and which she should stop investing in. All working together to help Pro Automotive Services continue to grow. 

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