ObiiGO Launches First Auto Repair Bidding App

Dec. 10, 2020
The app aims to bridge the gap for the independents by connecting them with consumers wanting good repairs at a fair price.

Dec. 10, 2020—ObiiGO, an automotive repair bidding app designed to connect customers with independent repair shops, has officially entered the market, according to a press release. 

The app was designed to help connect customers with independent repair facilities and shop and compare repair prices. The app also aims to help independent repair facilities benefit from more streamlined service to boost car intake, overhead and profits.

Through the app's OBDII plug-in, a customer can enter error codes for issues they're experiencing with their vehicle and get a diagnostic read on check engine lights. Customers can then use that information to send out bid requests to participating repair and lube centers. Customers are expected to receive bids based on time and value within 30 minutes of the request. 

The app also uses SMS messaging to send pictures and a touchless option to pay on the app. 

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