AutoText.Me Launches DVI Technology

Oct. 16, 2019

This new technology gives shops insight as to what sections the customer has viewed in’s DVI.

October 16, 2019— has released its new Customer Insights, which provides helpful analytics on customer engagement of its DVI (Digital Vehicle Inspection).

This new technology gives shops insight as to what sections the customer has viewed in’s DVI. Shops will further be able to see if and when a picture or video was viewed along with whether a video was viewed in its entirety. clients can leverage this data to determine how to communicate better with customers and establish best practices for DVI documentation by technicians.

“Creating some sort of policy on how many pictures to capture is a great concept to follow, but we believe that a client should have the data that backs up that policy and supports why it was established. wants to equip shops with the ability to no longer depend on conventional assumptions and practices that can fall short but rather be able to truly measure, manage, and fully implement the powerful solution of the DVI,” explains Chris Cloutier, founder and co-owner of multi-shop operation, Golden Rule Auto Care.

“To illustrate, the average watch time of a Facebook video is ten seconds. Maybe your DVI videos are too long, and consumers are only watching parts of those videos,” shares Cloutier. “Customer Insights will enable shops to really dial in on how to best communicate with their customers and utilize the DVI for achieving optimal results.”

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