Auto Repair Startup Brings Customers Back to Shops

Aug. 28, 2019

By offering customers a choice of where their vehicle is repaired, RepairSmith helps repair shops get and keep new customers. 


August 28, 2019—RepairSmith, a new mobile auto repair startup, launched its service in Los Angeles and San Francisco last week and is helping auto repair shops get new customers and keep them with convenient offerings.

RepairSmith’s platform has two aspects: matching a customer with what they are looking for a shop and a concierge service for onsite repairs.

RepairSmith’s website helps match up customers with their ideal repair shop. The website will feature quotes, online scheduling, and will allow the consumer to communicate directly with the shops.

“Our primary goal is to help shops acquire new customers,” says CEO of Repair Smith, Joel Milne. “Consumers are looking for more digital services in their repair experience.”

Along with the matching service, RepairSmith also provides car repair and maintenance service for car owners with the choice of the service location: at home, at work, or at the shop. Using the startup’s at-home delivery service, a certified RepairSmith mechanic arrives in a company vehicle, equipped with the tools and parts to complete the vast majority of all work a vehicle may need. If more sophisticated tools are required to get the job done, the technician will take the customer’s vehicle to a RepairSmith certified shop to complete the repair and return it when the job is done. If a car owner prefers to drive their own vehicle in for service, RepairSmith’s RS DropOff service allows the customer to drop their vehicle off at a certified RepairSmith shop.

“We think by providing this service, we can get those customers back to the shops,” says Milne. “Instead of calling an independent mobile mechanic, we can provide a standardized mobile experience that is integrated into the shop’s network, not separate from it.”

After rolling out in California, RepairSmith will expand its service offerings to other major metropolitan areas in the company’s next quarter, moving into 2020, and Milne hopes to have RepairSmith available all over the country by the end of that year.

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