Bolt On Technology Launches New Website

Aug. 6, 2019

The new customer portal provides repair shops real-time data on the health of their business.

August 6, 2019—Bolt On Technology, a technology-driven service company for the automotive aftermarket, has launched a new website with tools and features designed to better educate and arm automotive repair shops with information and products they need to improve operations and enhance profits.   

The website is designed to put the repair shop owner in the driver’s seat with an array of helpful, user-focused content, including easier access to BOLT ON’s range of products, peer success stories, training programs, and calendar of events. For example, shop owners can select the different goals for their business or areas of improvement—such as the need to generate repeat business or build stronger relationships with customers—and the website will automatically recommend which Bolt On products and services are best suited to address their needs. 

The biggest new feature is a Customer Login product. Accessible from the homepage, the new portal allows shop owners, as well as technicians and mechanics, to access their customer account through the Bolt On website. This new account management platform allows owners to change account settings, add or update contact information, purchase products, review payment history and evaluate how each product is being utilized through a unique Usage History page.  Additionally, customers can access training and thought leadership material vie e-books and other business management content. 

“Our customer portal gives shop owners complete control over their business from within the Bolt On ecosystem,” says Michael Risich, founder and CEO. “With a ‘bird’s-eye view’ of their team’s overall usage, owners can evaluate specific areas of their business that are underperforming and, using data not previously available, to quickly determine their specific needs, such as whether they need to reinforce internal procedures with their team, add additional products and services or ask for a training consultation from our team in order to maximize the success of their existing products.”

Other new sections include Why Bolt On, featuring custom videos that show how digital technology tools and ‘best practices’ benefit shop owners, service advisors, techs and drivers alike.  Essentially a snapshot of a day-in-the-life of a shop, this section includes a calculator that allows owners to enter their current shop data including daily car counts, AROs and how many days a month the business is open, and automatically calculates what a typical increase in AROs using Bolt On would look like.

Another new section, Success Stories, profiles shop owners who have employed digital technology with positive results for their business. The short videos give business owners the opportunity to hear directly from their peers.

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