Del. Auto Repair Shop Owner Helps Push Eco-Friendly Bill Through

July 9, 2018
Shop owner Tyrone Jarvis will have a seat at the table as Delaware figures out regulations for how commercial enterprises can use rainwater harvesting systems

July 9, 2018—Tyrone Jarvis has tried to replace public water with rainwater for three years at his Newport News business, Go Green Auto Care, and he has wanted someone with influence to bring the issue to the table. Now, Jarvis will have a seat at that table as the state figures out regulations for how commercial enterprises can use rainwater harvesting systems, writes the Daily Press.

The Hampton Newport News Daily also details Jarvis' story of building an ecologically conscious shop, including a recent hiccup when trying to build a $2,000 filtration service. Despite having the water tested by a third party facility, the city has not let him run his shop without using the city hookup, Jarvis told the newspaper.

Jarvis did some research online and came across a manual, the Virginia Rainwater Harvesting Manual, that would help him build his own safe rain water filtration service. He hopes to be able to make his auto shop completely sustainable but is facing roadblocks from the city concerning his water system.

Jarvis inspired Del. David Yancey, R-Newport News, to carry a bill this year requiring the State Board of Health to develop regulations for using rainwater harvesting systems, except for drinking water. It also asks the board to consider recognizing rainwater as an independent source of fresh water.

The General Assembly approved the bill, which will go into effect Sunday, along with hundreds of new laws. But there are months of discussion ahead before Jarvis—or anyone for that matter—can potentially use rainwater harvesting systems as a source in their businesses.

Once the city has agreed on a way for him to use only rain water, Jarvis hopes to move to solar power for the shop and then rainwater for his home.

To learn more about the EPA’s best workplace practices for Automotive Repair and Fleet Maintenance, click here.

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