Brake Parts Inc. Appoints Sam Rusenovich as Director of Customer Experience

March 19, 2018
Prior to joining BPI, Rusenovich spent the majority of his career working for NAPA Auto Parts in a variety of positions.

March 19, 2018—Sam Rusenovich has joined Brake Parts Inc (BPI) as the director of customer experience, announced by Paul Ferrandino, chief commercial officer for Brake Parts Inc.

“We welcome Sam to the BPI team and are pleased to have him on board as our director of customer experience,” said Ferrandino. “With his wide range of knowledge in various roles, he is well positioned to direct our field-based team as they focus on education, training and operational support for our WD customers and their technicians. He will also support our customers through the execution of marketing programs and product launches. We know Sam will be a tremendous asset to BPI as we work to give our customers the best experience possible.”

Prior to joining BPI, Rusenovich spent the majority of his career working for NAPA Auto Parts in a variety of positions. He started as a delivery driver while attending college and worked his way through the ranks, eventually becoming a store manager. From there, he moved into the district office and oversaw loss prevention and operations. After a period of time working in the corporate office, he became a district manager, overseeing a group of stores and outside sales professionals.

Rusenovich was then named vice president of sales and operations (MPEC Group), where he oversaw marketing/pricing, loss prevention, inventory/procurement and distribution. He made the move back into the field once again and became a regional vice president where he oversaw a group of stores and territory sales managers.

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