ATI, AutoVitals Join Forces in Automotive Industry Alliance

March 19, 2018
This alliance aims to benefit mutual clients in the auto repair and service industry to engage their clients in a more holistic way.
March 19, 2018—AutoVitals Inc. announced a strategic alliance with the Automotive Training Institute.

AutoVitals (AV), which offers web-based motorist engagement, digital inspections, and workflow management, will support ATI’s strategies to accelerate growth and increase ARO and profitability in its shops. The Digital Shop strategy is centered around coaching the shop using ATI's proven business practices and methodology and incorporating AV’s seven touch points and digital shop strategy.

This alliance aims to benefit mutual clients in the auto repair and service industry to engage their clients in a more holistic way. The alliance allows for ATI's long standing and effective coaching methods to be applied successfully in a fast-moving digital world by leveraging Autovitals’ technology and tools to better support a growing range of customers: motorists on smartphones and other digital devices.

“This alliance is a significant commitment to The Digital Shop by our mutual clients, ATI and AutoVitals. Motorists make decisions based on educational information, often digested on a smartphone. Since transparency has become the new currency of trust, the engagement between service advisor and customers is undergoing a significant change. This alliance equips our mutual clients with the best tools and practices to master this change,” said Uwe Kleinschmidt, CEO of AutoVitals.

Bryan Stasch, vice president of product at ATI, points out that, “This alliance has been the result of our collaboration over multiple years. Based on the feedback of mutual clients and our strategic steps for the future, we are excited to bring more value to the marketplace with this alliance. Decades of experience in coaching shop owners and their service advisors make us confident that digital education is the next step in creating a loyal customer base for our clients.”

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