Openbay Launches Automated Quote, Service Advisor Services

Feb. 7, 2017
The new features include a service that generates service quotes with Openbay's internal margins and labor rates.

Feb. 7, 2017—Openbay, an online marketplace for auto repair, announced a suite of subscription services aimed at helping automotive repair centers acquire and retain customers.

Openbay’s suite of services includes:

Automated Quote Service (AQS)

Openbay Automated Quote Service generates service quotes for consumers on behalf of the shop. AQS-enabled shops connect Openbay with its internal margins and labor rates to generate the quotes.

AQS-generated quotes include type of parts (OE or aftermarket), labor rates and estimated completion time, taxes, and any shop fee associated with the service. Most quotes are generated in real-time, and non-standard service quotes are sent on behalf of shops within minutes or hours, seven days a week, by Openbay’s in-house team of certified service advisors.

Once a quote is generated, consumers may send questions to shops, or seek clarification via Openbay messaging. Customers review the business’ ratings and reviews, location, and service and parts-warranty information before scheduling an appointment with a shop via the Openbay marketplace.

Service Advisor

Openbay Service Advisor is a web plugin for automotive service centers’ websites that operates independent of the Openbay marketplace. Using Service Advisor, customers are able to request service directly with one shop via that shop’s website, and immediately receive a custom quote. Similar to AQS, service quotes are based on parts margins and labor rates, as pre-populated by the shop at signup. Once a customer is ready to book, he or she may schedule an appointment directly with the shop.

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