Podcast: How to Get Your Team Talking w/ Deanna Baumgardner

Sept. 13, 2022

Deanna Bumgardner of Employer's Advantage LLC talks about how shop owners can encourage their team members to be open and honest communicators who feel good about contributing ideas that can help grow the shop. 

Deanna Bumgardner from Employer's Advantage LLC joins Ratchet+Wrench Radio to talk about why shop owners need employee feedback to build better shops and how to get people talking and sharing ideas. If her name sounds familiar, she was in the July issue story, "How to Get Authentic Employee Feedback." 

We discuss:

  • 0:58: The benefits of asking for feedback
  • 1:45: Why shop owners struggle to get feedback
  • 3:15: How to create a culture of openness
  • 5:35: What happens when leaders negatively react to feedback?
  • 7:00: How feedback can help shop owners identify thought leaders
  • 8:26: What happens when employee feedback isn't valued?
  • 9:45: Addressing employees' fear of repercussion
  • 11:46: The 'Start, Stop, Continue' feedback loop
  • 14:21: Other ways to get employees to share feedback
  • 15:40: The benefits of outsourcing HR for help.

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