What ROI Can You Expect With a Marketing Partner?

Aug. 31, 2022

Like the auto industry, the marketing landscape has changed significantly in the last decade. Today, advertising tools delve deep into data and analytics that previous generations of automotive shop owners and operators only dreamed of. So not only do you have more promotional tools available to you—loyalty programs, mobile, new social media platforms, search engine marketing, SEO, owned media, earned media—you have more resources to evaluate how well they’re working.

So with all of these tools available, the question is: do you know your marketing budget’s Return on Investment (ROI)? And is it money well spent? For many the answer might be no. You have a shop to run and it’s easy for marketing to be put on the back burner, but you could be missing out on major benefits. But by working with a trusted partner like Valvoline, there is a lot to gain.

Less Work, More Payoff

You don’t have to be great at marketing if you partner with someone who is, and the best partner for your shop will be able to implement promotions for you, without a lot of extra work or steps on your end. Working with a resource who has expertise in the automotive field is even better, allowing you to spend more time serving your customers and handling day-to-day operations. The right partner can help leverage promotions to increase traffic for your shop, keeping your bays full and your techs busy.

Build Loyalty

It’s not enough to attract new customers. You need to retain them. That begins by building brand loyalty so customers come back for each service interval, year after year. How do you turn first-time customers into long-term loyalists? Work with a company that can jump-start your loyalty marketing. 

Valvoline, for instance, offers a fully funded marketing platform for its partners, designed to increase traffic and build customer loyalty through loyalty coupons and promotions. With Valvoline Perks platform it’s easy and efficient to implement promotions, with no additional effort for your shop.

Loyalty platforms work for a reason: Customers like perks and special offers – anything that saves them money or gives them back a little extra something. Tactical marketing and proven promotions can accelerate your sales. Consider promotions to build consumer traffic, sales and acquisition; loyalty coupons; month-long promotions with frequency; plus mobile-friendly digital and traditional rebates. Finally, any plan should include installer reporting to measure multi-store effectiveness.

Cut Through the Clutter

Whether you have a single location or multiple, whether you run a small, independent garage, several tire shops or an automotive service repair center, the goal is the same: to drive profits. With consumers exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day (some estimates put the number at over 4,000!), it’s more important than ever to have a sound, strategic marketing promotions plan with a broad suite of activation tools and assets to reach your specific audience. That’s why you’ll want a partner like Valvoline with proven expertise and tools to help grow your business through a high-quality, targeted marketing program that’s simple to execute, while helping you attract and retain new customers, improve ticket averages and increase premiums. No more guesswork in your marketing.

Need help running promotions in your shop? Visit partner.valvoline.com

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