New Larson Electronics Available

Oct. 13, 2015

Oct. 13, 2015—On Monday, Larson Electronics announced the release of its new products.

The new products are:

1.5KVA Portable Explosion Proof Transformer

This temporary power distribution system converts 240 volts AC to 120 volts AC electrical current through ten twist-lock receptacles. Operators provide 240 volts from inside or outside the hazardous location to the 1,500 watt transformer via the provided twenty-five foot SOOW line-in cable terminated in an explosion proof plug to the encapsulated transformer. The output side is equipped with ten 2023, Class 1 & 2, Division 1 & 2 receptacles designed to accept twist lock plugs. The class rated transformer and distribution assembly is mounted onto a rugged cart style frame constructed of non-sparking aluminum and powder coated for added corrosion resistance. Mobility is provided by rotating front casters and rear tires, allowing operators to wheel the transformer from one location to another within the hazardous environment. This distribution system is designed for portability and convenience as well as durability.

30 Watt Stud Mounted LED Spotlight

The PML-30W-PAR46-NS produces 2,700 lumens of light, is housed within a rugged weatherproof housing equipped with a stud bracket for mounting, and operates on a 12 volt electrical system while drawing only 2.5 amps. This LED light is weatherproof and designed for mounting to vehicle bumpers, roll bars, brush guards, turrets and almost anywhere a powerful auxiliary light is needed. This light produces a spot beam that can reach distances up to 600' and has a beam width of 100'. This light is fitted with a 5/8 - 18X2 stud that provides a secure mounting solution. The low voltage capability of this light makes it ideal for use on car, trucks, or ATVs that normally operate on a 12 volt DC electrical system.  

600 Watt Heavy Duty Portable LED Light Tower

The WALTP-CU16-4X150W-LED quadpod light tower produces 59,610 lumens of light from four 150 watt LED light heads. This portable light tower has a removable quad light head assembly mounted on top of a four legged three inch steel quadpod equipped with eight inch wheels for easy positioning of the unit from one area of the workspace to another. The light head assembly on this tower contains four 150 watt LED lamps producing 14,790 lumens each. This adjustable and collapsible quadpod can be extended to thirteen feet and collapsed to seven feet. It is extended and lowered using an included manual crank cable winch equipped with a brake for fast and safe deployment. This tower operates on 120-277 volts AC and is equipped with 25' of 16/3 chemical and abrasion resistant cord that is fitted with an industrial grade cap for easy connection to common wall outlets.  

300 Watt Portable LED Flood Lighting System

The EPL-3X100LED-4-WC-100 portable explosion proof LED flood lighting system uses three 48 inch LED light heads that produce a combined total of 21,000 lumens of light with 360° coverage while drawing only 300 watts. These portable LED lights are mounted to a powder coated frame constructed from non-sparking aluminum. The LED lights within the unit produce a brilliant flood pattern of light that is ideal for illuminating enclosed areas and hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases and dusts may be present. This system is versatile and can be positioned in an upright position or laid on its side. The triangular frame design provides stability and protection for the LED units when mounted in either direction. This lighting system is equipped with three locking casters, which increases the mobility of the unit throughout the work space. This unit operates on 120-277 volts AC and includes 100' of SOOW cord terminated in an optional explosion proof cord cap.     

Eighty Foot LED String Light Set with Four Tool Taps

The 80' temporary LED string light set is designed for high output illumination and daisy chain connections across the job site. This string light set contains four industrial grade LED work lights and four tool taps equipped with receptacles. The LED lamps and tool taps are connected in series along 70' of cable. A molded T junction is mounted every 10', with 2' of cord connecting a single drop light and 3' of cord connecting a single tool tap to the backbone. Each drop light is equipped with a 14 watt LED lamp that produces 1,750 lumens. Each light comes standard with a set of drop hooks to allow users to conveniently hang the unit overhead. A machined handle allows them to be used as a hand held light for spot illumination. This string light is connected to power via a 25' cable terminated with a fused female receptacle on the output side, allowing for multiple units to be connected.   

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