Robinair Introduces New A/C Recovery Machine

July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016—Robinair announced Thursday the release of its 34988NI Premium A/C Recovery Machine. 

The new machine is designed to help technicians and fleet owners conduct A/C recovery work. The 34988NI automatic machine recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests and recharges vehicle systems quickly and accurately. It covers the vast majority of passenger vehicles on the road today. 

Robinair’s Automatic Refrigerant Refill system automatically maintains a supply of refrigerant in its internal tank and alerts a technician when it is time to change the supply. It also measures how much oil was removed from the system and automatically injects the correct amount of lubricant back into the system. The machine is also equipped with a dye system to help technicians better detect leaks. 

More information on the 34988NI can be found on the Robinair website

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