John Bean Wheel Balancing Accessory Catalog Now Available

July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015—The new John Bean Wheel Balancing Accessory Catalog, featuring the award winning John Bean Wheel Balancers and complete range of accessories and kits, is now available.

“The new John Bean Wheel Balancing Accessory Catalog is a one-stop source for everything our customers need to maximize productivity when it comes to wheel balancing,” said Brian Gates, product manager for John Bean. “With 60 pages of accessories and kits, our catalog makes it easier than ever for shops to find the right parts and equipment to improve their performance and, most importantly, their bottom line.”

The catalog includes information on new tooling and precision tooling kits. The catalog also has OEM wheel balancing system accessories and kits for the leading domestic, European and Asian vehicles. Kits and accessories available for heavy duty vehicles and motorcycles are also included, as well as a wheel balancing systems application chart.

Visit the John Bean website for more information on the John Bean Wheel Balancing Accessory Catalog.

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