AAM Announces New Rear Axle Components

Aug. 19, 2015

Aug. 19, 2015—American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) announced on Tuesday the availability of new rear axle components for several 2014 GM trucks and SUVs.

“AAM made some major changes to the rear axles for the 2014 GM Silverado and Sierra trucks, along with the Suburban and Tahoe SUVs,” said Greg Marsh, AAM engineering manager. “As a result, there is a new 9.5” and a new 9.75” ring and pinion gear set combination and new differential cases for each.”

AAM’s new 9.5-inch ring and pinion gear kits are available in three different ratios, 3.08 ratio (AAM part #95K2308gearkit), 3.42 ratio (AAM part #95K2342gearkit), and 4.10 ratio (AAM part #95K2410gearkit).

For the 9.75-inch rear axles, AAM’s new ring and pinion gear kits are available in three different ratios. They include the 3.23 ratio (AAM part#976K2323gearkit), the 3.42 ratio (AAM part#976K2342gearkit), and the 3.73 ratio (AAM part#976K2373gearkit).

Included in the gear sets are the pinion nut, collapsible spacer, and pinion seal due to the pinion gears having metric threads. New ring gear bolts must be purchased separately.  

The previous versions of the GM 9.5-inch products will not fit the 2014 models. The 8.6-inch rear axle in the 2014 SUVs does carry over all the parts in previous models.

AAM’s new cases for the 2014 GM trucks and SUVs are available in two different sizes and will work for both the 9.5-inch and 9.75-inch gear sets.

AAM is also making axle shafts for the 2014 Sierra and Silverado (AAM part #40103091) and the 2014 Suburban and Tahoe (AAM part#40103092).

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