NIADA Welcomes Frank Fuzzy’s as President, Announces Scholarship Winners

June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015—Frank Fuzy, owner of Century Motors of South Florida, opened his term as president of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association for the 2015-16, with an address on Wednesday at the National Leadership Awards Banquet at NIADA’s 69th annual Convention and Expo at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Fuzy, who succeeds Arlan Kuehn of South Sioux, Neb., said that increasing membership is a high priority for his term, saying NIADA has added funds to its membership development budget to support “meaningful growth.”

"As president this year, I want to make our membership grow," said Fuzy. "In numbers, we are powerful. I want everyone to do something to increase our numbers. That's why I'll be introducing new membership events, new programs and new incentives, and will create new excitement around our association. And when I say 'our' association, I mean everyone from the top down.When we add to our membership, our voice in Washington D.C. grows louder and has more impact. At this time in our industry, we cannot afford to lose the ground we're gaining in Washington and our state capitols."

During the convention, the recipients of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association’s 2015 Scholarship Awards were announced.

Alesandra D'Agostino of Midland, Mich., was awarded the NIADA/Cox Automotive National Scholarship.

Emma Hammer of Indianapolis, Ind., (Region I);  Phillip Hetzler of Matthews, N.C. (Region II); Cash Forster of Washington, Okla. (Region III); and Maxence Weyrich (Region IV) were announced as recipients of NIADA's regional scholarships.

Each year, the NIADA Foundation proudly sponsors a student who has displayed outstanding abilities in education from each of the association's four regions across the nation with a $3,500 scholarship to the college or university of his or her choice, thanks to the assistance of Cox Automotive. The foundation and Cox Automotive also award a $10,000 national scholarship each year for an outstanding student to attend or continue his or her education at Northwood University in an automotive-related field.

All students' entries are judged by Northwood University

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