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June 1, 2022

How a North Carolina shop used the new TechNet Impressions program to improve the look and feel of his shop.

When you’re the owner of a bustling shop, finding time to do your own marketing and promotion, signage, and furnishing can be a hassle. That’s where TechNet Impressions helps. TechNet Impressions is an included marketing and shop development program available to TechNet’s network of 15,000 auto care professionals. Shops can tap into the program for custom branding, shop fixtures—such as lobby furnishings and service counters—signage, and other aesthetic and operational needs.

Kerry Pryor, senior manager, professional marketing, TechNet says the aim of the program is to help hard-working local shop owners enhance their shop’s brand while signaling to customers their alignment with national motorist benefits such as nationwide warranty, roadside assistance, and consumer financing option, which increases confidence and leads to higher car counts and sales.

The program offers perks such as awnings, signage, paint jobs, flags, banners, key drops, custom mats, and more. Here’s how it works, as explained by Pryor:

  • If a shop owner is interested, a TechNet field team member takes photos of the building, inside and out, and submits those to the Impressions Team for a rendering
  • The Impressions team will provide rendering within seven to 10 days
  • The field team member shows rendering/options to the shop owner and talks about pricing/funding options
  • The shop owner chooses whether to act on some or all of the proposal
  • The Impressions team takes action ordering materials, contacting local municipalities for proper approvals, and sources local specialists (e.g., electricians, painters, etc.)
  • Depending on the scope of work, the Impressions project is completed over days/weeks
  • After the project is completed, TechNet Professional assists the shop owner with a checklist of how they can maximize their new look in terms of local PR, social media marketing, motorist events, and more.

Jason Dickerson, owner of Dickerson’s Service Center and M&H Tires and Treads, both in Creedmoor, North Carolina, has been a TechNet Member for the past eight years. He was one of the first to try the TechNet Impressions program. His 4,000-square-foot auto shop features eight bays and services 513 cars per month with an average repair order of $3532. He employs nine people, not including himself. Dickerson’s Service Center was one of the first shops to pilot the TechNet Impressions program. He leveraged the program to help him market his shops and for signage and furnishing. 

Dickerson, who admits to not having a keen eye for aesthetics, turned to his advisor to help him find the right service desk and furniture for his shop and waiting room.

“Marissa from TechNet gave me staging advice for the shop furniture, which I got back pretty quick—within three to six weeks—and the signage was good,” Dickerson says, “They handled every bit. They contacted the sign company and dealt with every bit of the process.”

Choosing the right signage was a big deal for Dickerson. He wanted to maintain his current autonomy without being overwhelmed by the TechNet branding. 

“I worked hard for Dickerson’s Service Center for the logo so Dickerson’s Service Center could be recognized. I didn't want to look like a parts house. I know a lot of the competitors when you join with them you lose focus on what the logo is. TechNet allows you to keep your logo and still show you're representing TechNet,” Dickerson says, who also orders decals through the program.

One of the biggest draws for Dickerson was understanding how having professionally designed promotional materials, signage, and a staged waiting room would benefit his shop.

“When you've got the material, it saves you a ton of time and it looks professional. It gives you access to dealership [quality products] but still has that home feeling. Everything you need is right at your fingertips,” he says.”Everything together has made the ROI of our shop grow.”

Another aspect of his alignment with TechNet is access to Tekmetric shop software. Combined with the impressions program, he’s able to look good from the curb as well as in the inbox and mailbox. He says the resources provided through the program make marketing his shop easier.

“We've marketed through social media and email. The materials are available for use on the site and you can order [collateral] and have templates to plug information into,” says Dickerson. “When you've got the material, it saves you a ton of time and it looks professional.”

About the Author

Chris Jones | Editor

Chris Jones is the editor of Ratchet+Wrench magazine and host of its companion podcast, Ratchet+Wrench Radio, a weekly show featuring automotive professionals across the auto care landscape.

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