Numbers: The Impact of Marketing

Dec. 21, 2021

How much of an effect does marketing have on car count numbers? 

Increasing car count: an ever-present goal for a large majority of auto repair shops. So what are some potential ways to do so? 

Based on insight from the 2021 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey, when it comes to increasing car counts, shops that spent more on marketing were more likely to report higher car counts. 

Like any shop metric, several factors are at play. Increasing your marketing budget won’t automatically lead to an increase in car count. But the numbers show that an increase in marketing, done the right way, will lead to a busier shop.

Investment in Marketing

% of annual sales dedicated to marketing

Less than 5% - 62%

More than 5% - 38%

Impact on Monthly Car Count

Car count for shops that spend less than 5% of their annual sales on marketing:

Less than 100 - 34%

100-199 - 34%

200-299 - 15%

300+ - 17%

Car count for shops that spend more than 5% of their annual sales on marketing

Less than 100 - 22%

100-199 - 27%

200-299 - 25%

300+ 26%

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