Contactless and Worry-Free Pay

Feb. 1, 2021

Facepay offers automotive aftermarket businesses a way to charge their customers in a fast, protected, and safe way with zero percent fees.

Throughout the years, we have seen new technology tackle new challenges. And boy, did 2020 bring new challenges for the industry and our country as a whole. With a new emphasis on contactless and safe practices, all while saving money, Facepay came at the perfect time. 

The innovative and contactless Facepay technology facilitates transactions through direct debit from the customer’s bank to the shop’s bank, successfully eliminating all credit card fees. To learn more about how this new platform is keeping customers and shops safe while adding convenience and saving money, Ratchet+Wrench sat down with staff from two shops who have been using the technology since the beginning.  

Promote Convenience and Safety 

In order to adhere to safety measures during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lobby at Valley Automotive Repair & Electric in Covington, Wash., is currently closed. Customers are now asked to pick up a packet containing their repair information at the front door of the shop to remain contactless. Utilizing the Facepay platform has added to the contactless process by allowing customers to use their own personal phone, making it as easy as ordering dinner.

The team attaches a Facepay QR code to each customer’s packet, when scanned, the customer simply has to enter in their account information and authorize the transaction with the shop. A debit transaction is then performed directly from their account to the shop’s. The only initial approval that needs to take place is from the customer’s bank, which typically takes less than 24 hours. A Facepay account can also be made in advance to the first payment, simplifying the process even further for both the shop and the customer.

“Facepay makes the pickup process easy⁠⁠—the payment is already made, the paperwork is in the car and the keys are in a lockbox,” Emily Sundstrom, service manager at Valley Automotive Repair & Electric, explains. “There's no contact that has to be made and it keeps everybody safe.”

Ensure a Fast Turnaround

On top of offering contactless transactions, the Facepay platform enables faster transaction times⁠—freeing up repair time and coveted space within the shop. 

“Once we know the vehicle is done, we can send the customer a text message that says their vehicle is complete and we are going to process a payment for the amount,” Sundstrom says. “Using Facepay is way faster than having to get hold of the customer on the phone, waiting for them to get their credit card that they may not have ready, or expecting a callback that sometimes takes days.”

The speed in which vehicles are picked up and payments are processed is vital at Valley Automotive Repair, considering the shop’s lot for vehicle storage isn’t very large. 

“Turnaround time is a huge deal for us, and Facepay helps speed that up exponentially,” Sundstrom explains.

To help speed up the process even further, Sundstrom posted about Facepay on the shop’s Facebook page, encouraging customers to sign up for the platform in advance. The shop now has more registered users than those who have already made payments⁠—preparing them for when they do have to make their first payment.   

“Our customers have been amazed at the ease of use of Facepay, and everybody has been really impressed with how quick and simple the process is,” she says. 

Eliminate Credit Card Fees

In a time where money may be tighter than ever, cutting out as many excess fees as possible can be a lifesaver. One of the largest areas within a business where owners are losing money is through credit card fees⁠—where shops are forking over an average of $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

Since the Facepay technology facilitates transactions through direct debit from the customer’s bank to the shop’s bank, it successfully eliminates all credit card fees. And by offering the technology at zero percent fees, shops are able to save tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Although Valley Automotive Repair has only been using the platform since last October, Sundstrom has already noticed a large amount of savings, which she says has been huge for the shop.  

“Because of the pandemic, we're not accepting cash so it’s all through the phone or Facepay,” Sundstrom says. “It’s great to be able to have that limited contact and to be able to save money.”

Offer a Subscription Model

As another payment option through the technology, Facepay has recently announced that the platform w
ill also include a revolutionary subscription model. 

“We're getting used to subscription services in all aspects of our lives, from Netflix to cable, and phone,” Greg Buckley, owner of Buckley’s Auto Care in Wilmington, Del., explains. “With one price per month, it's really out of convenience.”

The convenience of a subscription model not only benefits the customer, but also the shop, and ultimately presents a constant level of cash flow for the business. 

“If the customer is able to save and plan out their maintenance on vehicles, a subscription service could be right for them,” Buckley says. 

Facepay now allows for customers to directly pay for services, utilize a payment plan, or partake in a subscription model, all through a contactless and convenient technology at zero cost to the business owner.  

“Facepay itself is very flexible, extremely affordable, and very easy to use,” Buckley explains. “It's a heck of a platform not only for the auto repair sector, but other small businesses.”

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