Protect Your Shop, Team & Investments with DVI

Dec. 12, 2019

Digital Vehicle Inspections protect your shop from litigation

We’ve all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In the world of automotive repair, however, a picture can be worth much more—it can be worth the cost of litigation. 

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) provide the best proof exonerating shops from pre-existing damage.  

DVI provides a strong buffer against those who would take advantage of a shop when an undocumented dent on intake could lead to much more dire “prove it” circumstances for the unknowing shop owner.

Shopmonkey provides a seamless DVI tool that is simple, fast and effective. Easy to implement and intuitive to use, Shopmonkey provides its clients with the ideal solution to mitigate future litigation with the ability to document a vehicle in its entirety within a few minutes.

Confirming the Repair

“[DVI] makes it much easier to sell my shop and our services to customers,” says Max Kazanc, owner of Select German Car Services (San Diego, Calif.). 

Using Shopmonkey’s DVI tools, Kazanc can instantly communicate with his customer, he can show more detailed photos of the repair, corroborate the estimate, inquire about additional repairs, and receive instant work approvals. 

Most importantly, he can create a paper trail without the paper—it’s all digital, it’s all backed up and it’s within easy reach for himself and his team. No matter who needs the data, photos or correspondance, it’s there.

“The inspection function is so easy that I started doing inspections on all the cars that came through the shop,” he says.

After implementing DVI, Kazanc began receiving immediate positive feedback from customers.They weren’t just impressed with the work—they were impressed with the quality of the communication.

“From how we digitally stamped invoices to how easy the digital inspections were, I started getting more compliments from customers,” Kazanc says. Using Shopmonkey’s DVI tool, he and his team can send pictures, respond to questions and recommend service within minutes of receiving a vehicle.

“The pictures of my customers’ cars arrive instantly on their phones and it makes my work much easier to sell. It’s really important.” 

Simple but Effective

Implementing Shopmonkey’s DVI tools have allowed Kazanc to live up to his company’s mission statement: Our formula to success is keeping it simple, but effective. 

“I was looking for options and they stood out. The user interface appealed to me and it’s different than other software. It’s easy to use—I don’t have to teach the software to my techs or service advisors; you can start using it in an instant.”

Kazanc says within 15 minutes he was comfortable using it. From there, he’s gained untold trust and increased repair orders from his customers. He didn’t even have to ask for it.

I don’t have to sell anything if I put it in the digital inspection report. They trust it because they see it,” he says. 

Since they’re buying what’s pictured and documented, Kazanc doesn’t fear litigation from customers. They never have an opportunity to complain about missed work because nothing is missed in the inspection. Kazanc has a full record of the transaction and repair from intake to output.

Kazanc is certain that Shopmonkey’s DVI tools has increased his efficiency, bolstered his revenue and fostered long-term trust with his customers.

“Shopmonkey is a great solution,” he says. “They are less expensive than competitors, better looking, easier to use and have all the functions you’d ever need. I think the best thing about Shopmonkey is they’re always improving their game—they’re always adding more functions and services.”

Click here to learn more about how Shopmonkey can help your business.

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