The Return: PartsTech

April 30, 2018

A Connecticut shop manager reviews a parts search engine and ordering system.

STATS: Computer Tune & Lube Location: Middletown, Conn. Website: Cost: Free Uses: Auto parts search engine and ordering system Training Required: Demonstrations available through website 

The Reviewer:

Daniel Glyck started his career in finance. After he was laid off, he switched career paths and started working at Computer Tune & Lube in Connecticut as one of its managers.

“I learned [auto service] out of curiosity and necessity,” Glyck says.

Back when there were still six locations, Glyck was the highest-performing manager. When the MSO consolidated to one location in Middletown, Conn., Glyck was selected as its general manager.

The Shop:

Computer Tune & Lube in Middletown, Conn., is a quick turnaround shop that has a staff of seven.

“One of the reasons that I think we’ve been so successful is because we’ve had the same staff for forever,” Glyck says.

Glyck says the shop is all about getting things done in the most efficient way possible for its customers, which is the main reason the shop signed on to work with PartsTech two years ago. Before Glyck started with Computer Tune & Lube, there was no Internet ordering at all. Instead, every time a part needed to be ordered, the techs spent time calling around to different vendors and being placed on hold, wasting precious time. Glyck, who had a pre-existing relationship with someone at PartsTech, encouraged the shop to make the switch.

How it Works:

Glyck says that PartsTech is the equivalent of Expedia for ordering parts. With PartsTech, users log into the search engine and can either browse the catalog or enter a search for the exact part that is needed. PartsTech then gathers and provides information for parts, including distributor and price. Users can customize the search to work with preferred vendors. PartsTech currently has 20,000 parts stores and 20 shop management systems integrated into its system.

The Review:

“It’s great. The thing that I love the most about it is that I can see everything,” Glyck says. “I don’t have to call six places or check six websites.”

The ability to see prices has allowed Glyck and his staff to compare prices and also see the availability and what vendor can get the part over the quickest.

Glyck says that although PartsTech is great, the only thing he would like to see changed would be to find products beyond traditional parts—like tire shine.

“[PartsTech] is aware of that problem,” Glyck says. “They’re working on it.”

Glyck says that the company is easy to work with and extremely responsive to questions or suggestions.

The ROI:

“If I can get a part for a little bit less, I can pass that savings along to the consumer, ” Glyck says.

Before, Glyck says whatever place he called that had the part usually got the sale. Now, with the ability to see prices in one place, he says there can be as much as a $50 savings on the same part.

Another added benefit is the fact that Glyck and his staff no longer have to spend time calling places up and being put on hold. Glyck estimates that PartsTech has saved him an hour per day.      

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