Mobileye Warned Tesla About Autopilot

Sept. 19, 2016

Sept. 19, 2016—In a court filing, Mobileye claims it warned Tesla against allowing hands-free driving in the automaker’s Autopilot driving assistance system. 

Mobileye, a supplier of cameras for use in advanced cruise control and semiautonomous driving systems, expressed safety concerns in product-planning communications between the two companies going back to May 2015.

"It has long been Mobileye's position that Tesla's Autopilot should not be allowed to operate hands-free without proper and substantial technological restrictions and limitations," Mobileye said in its filing.

Mobileye’s chairman told Reuters on Wednesday that with Autopilot, Tesla was “pushing the envelope in terms of safety.”

Mobileye recently announced it would stop supplying its products to Tesla, a move which, in addition to safety concerns, is also related to its work with BMW to deliver a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021

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