MAHLE Announces Availability of Scan Tool, Additions to Product Line

Nov. 4, 2015

Nov. 4, 2015—MAHLE Service Solutions has announced its diagnostic scan tool, TechPRO, is now available for sale and additions to its line of ArticPRO air conditioning service units.

The new MAHLE TechPRO diagnostic scan tool, which was originally introduced at AAPEX 2014, is engineered so the vehicle and communication interface (VCI) and software can be used on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

“At its core, the TechPRO diagnostic scan tool is designed to help technicians work smarter, not harder,” said Andreas Huber, general manager, MAHLE Service Solutions. “TechPRO is all about making technicians more efficient.”

The ArticPrO ACX1185, an addition to the ArcticPRO air conditioning service units, offers integration of the TechPRO diagnostic tool to service units that use R134a refrigerant. Another addition, the ArcticPRO ACX1285 offers integration to service vehicles that use the new R1234YF refrigerant. Both of the units offer a 7-inch touch screen.

“Offering these units with TechPRO integration allows technicians to diagnose A/C issues without having to hook up a separate scan tool and A/C machine, plus it automatically retrieves the VIN,” said Jon Douglas, general manager, MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. “This also provides techs with speedy diagnostic procedures and the ability to provide consumers with a comprehensive report to review.”

For more information about the products, visit MAHLE Aftermarket website.

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