Snap-on Releases Upgrade to Diagnostics Software

March 11, 2016

March 11, 2016—Snap-on released Thursday a list of 15.4 reasons for the Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade 15.4, meant to help technicians better understand and utilize the company’s latest upgrade. 

Snap-on Diagnostic Software has coverage for 21 domestic and 15 Asian vehicles, with an optional 11 European makes.  

The top 15.4 reasons to upgrade are:

1. Key Programming for Ford Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS): key programming at the technicians’ fingertips for most 2005-2010 models 

2. Chrysler HVAC Systems: 2005 and newer vehicles codes, data and tests 

3. Ford 6.7L Diesel Functional Tests: 36 new OEM-level functional tests keep profits in-house

4. Ford and Mazda Unified Diagnostic Service (UDS) Transmission Relearns and Tests: finish the job by using these factory-level functions 

5. GM Object Detection Systems: 2005 and newer Buick vehicles - don’t send this work to the dealer

6. Mazda UDS ABS Functional Tests: test these systems with confidence

7. Mitsubishi Engine Timing Chain Maintenance Functional Test: use this important maintenance function to finish the job right the first time

8. Chrysler Air Suspension System: factory-level functional tests help technicians fix it right and finish the job 

9. Chrysler Body Control Module (BCM) Configuration: this factory function will allow technicians to keep more jobs in-house

10. Honda Keyless Entry and Push Start Systems: codes, data and functional tests for these important systems

11. Hyundai / Kia 4WD Clutch Functions: clutch learn read, write and reset functions help technicians finish the job 

12. Hyundai / Kia Advanced Safety Systems: these new systems keep technicians from sending the work down the road 

13. Training and Tips for Diesel Emissions Systems, EVAP Systems and Body Sub-Codes: built-in training in just a few clicks

14. Guided Component Tests for Hybrid Electrical and Enhanced Body Electrical Systems: verify the problem with these simple, powerful tests

15. Access to over 14 million RealFixes, commonly replaced parts graphs, tips, tests and PID waveforms with SureTrack® access: WiFi capable platforms only

15.4 With added coverage back to 2005, technicians get more tests and functions for the vehicles that they see on a daily basis

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