ASA Releases Agenda for Training in Philadelphia

March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016—The Automotive Service Association on Wednesday released a complete agenda for management and technical service training taking place in Philadelphia at the DoubleTree Airport Hotel, April 8-9. 

On Friday, April 8, management training entitled Profitability Secrets That Dramatically Build Your Bottom Line will be led by Bob Greenwood, president and chief executive officer at Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd.

Topics include:

  • Important formulas and business guidelines that focus on Net Income development.
  • The new approach required to meet staff competency, economic, and technology realities.
  • The key daily measurements to ensure the shop is on track while engaging staff to stay -focused on results.
  • The right sales with the right Car Count for your shop.

On Saturday, April 9, technical training will be led by Donny Seyfer, co-owner at Seyfer Automotive, Inc.; Scot Manna, owner at MB Automotive Inc.; and Bill Haas, president at Haas Performance Consulting. 

Topics include:

Donny Seyfer:

  • 21st Century Cooling System Design
  • Preparing to Service Connected Car (AMI Approved)

Scot Manna:

  • Logical Diagnostics
  • Mass Airflow and Fuel Trim Diagnostics

Bill Haas:

  • From Order Taker to Sales Maker (AMI Approved)
  • Customer Care and Communication, Deliver an Exceptional Experience (AMI Approved)

More information and registration for this event is available here.

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