N1 Technologies Inc. Plans Upscale Oil Change Centers

March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015—The directors and management of N1 Technologies Inc. recently revealed plans for a chain of upscale, quick oil change centers. 

Nano Second Oil & Lube has been under development for months, according to an announcement. N1 Technologies Inc. manufactures and markets a full range of advanced Nano Engineered oil and lubricant products. Nano Second Oil & Lube centers will feature the NanoSave N1 products uniquely and exclusively. 

The company said that each aspect of its "futuristic concept" for the oil change centers has been refined and the end product should provide "a comfortable and painless process for all customers."

In keeping with the company's advanced products, the oil change centers will feature highly designed buildings that can fit easily into any urban area. Looking more like a coffee shop or upscale restaurant, the oil change centers were designed to appeal to the upwardly mobile crowd and particularly women. The company has scouted out a few potential locations in the Daytona Beach, Florida, area. 

N1 Technologies will build and operate the first few locations and then look into structuring new locations as franchise opportunities. The oil change locations will also provide local retail of the NanoSave N1 products. The center of focus is on the service. The company intends to use iPad tablet-based software to create invoicing and quick payment options, including remote payment options. Customers will be ushered into a lounge area that is set up like a coffee house and handed an iPad for payment. 

"Seeing dad change the oil in the family sedan is pretty much a thing of the past, only real car enthusiasts change their own oil these days," says CEO of N1 Technologies Steve Lovern. "We have plans to build the flagship Nano Second Oil & Lube across from the Daytona International Speedway here in Daytona Beach, seeing the track in the background of our ads and promos will look great." 

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