Bosch Launches NASCAR Sweepstakes, Celebrates 40 Years of the O2 Sensor

July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016—Bosch announced Monday that it has launched the Bosch NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion's Week Sweepstakes, running now through Sept. 30. 

Fans can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win an exclusive grand prize race fan experience for two to Las Vegas to take part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week.

The winners will have the opportunity for a meet and greet with a NASCAR personality as well as VIP access to a viewing area at NASCAR Victory Lap to watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship drivers take their cars for a drive down the Las Vegas Strip. The winners will also attend the NASCAR After the Lap event. Additionally, the three-night trip will include admission to the NMPA Myers Brothers Award luncheon to honor the achievements of the season and attendance to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards. Each of the two Grand Prize packages will also include $500 gift cards. 

“NASCAR fans are fiercely loyal and make up one of the most passionate followings in modern day sports,” said Tony Pauly, director of advertising and branding for Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Aftermarket North America. “Bosch’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week Sweepstakes is a big ‘thank you’ to these dedicated fans, providing a chance for two lucky winners to receive a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two and exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences at NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week.”

Bosch is also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the invention of the automotive oxygen sensor, and is marking the production of its one billionth oxygen sensor. 

“Since pioneering this technology four decades ago, Bosch has continued to lead the way in automotive oxygen sensor design and innovation,” said Eric Yagley, senior product manager oxygen sensors for Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Aftermarket North America. “Today’s Bosch Wideband oxygen sensor has a more sophisticated sensing element that provides a signal to the vehicle’s ECU that is proportional to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust.”

The automotive oxygen sensor was developed by Bosch in the 1970s to meet new stringent emissions standards. The oxygen sensor has been a key component in modern emissions systems ever since.

Bosch’s oxygen sensors came into the NASCAR scene in 2011 when the series switched from carbureted to fuel-injected engines and Bosch became the exclusive supplier of oxygen sensors for NASCAR.

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