ZF Aftermarket Training Program Receives ASE Accreditation

Nov. 14, 2017
By receiving this accreditation, ZF has the opportunity to engage and educate more technicians across the country.

Nov. 14, 2017—ZF Aftermarket announced its technical training program is officially accredited as an ASE Training Provider of Continuing Automotive Service Education.

By receiving this accreditation, ZF has the opportunity to engage and educate more technicians across the country.

“We want technicians to be able to not only receive the knowledge required to service and repair a unity but also to feel confident they are receiving training from an organization that is committed to provide training within set standards,” said Dirk Fuchs, ZF Aftermarket technical training manager. “It (ASE accreditation) has helped us cultivate an entirely new training strategy. We are developing new training objectives and content retention procedures that will ensure every technician who attends one of our trainings leaves with a new wealth of knowledge regarding automotive technology.”

Outlining the Accreditation Process 

The Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) program is a voluntary process that analyzes an organization’s training program against industry standards.

Evaluated by the Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC) and granted by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the CASE program strives to provide technicians with the most efficient way of identifying quality training in the industry.

Organizations that wish to have their training programs accredited must complete a variety of steps including hosting members of the ATMC in a training-like experience.

During the process, members of the ATMC sat down with the ZF Aftermarket Technical Training team to learn more about the department, the programs offered and trainers.

About the Training Department and Program 

ZF Aftermarket’s Technical Training department strives to educate and engage technicians by implementing customized and engaging programs.

This quality education provides technicians with the knowledge and expertise needed to diagnose, repair and service most all automotive products.

Headed by two top-level technical trainers, Dirk Fuchs and Francisco Moreno, their experience in the automotive industry stretches over 20 years.

Both technical trainers began their work at ZF Aftermarket in different departments, Fuchs in warranty management and Moreno working on the remanufacturing production line. These previous experiences allow both trainers to offer a different perspective when educating technicians.

The ZF Aftermarket Technical Training department offers a variety of hands-on training opportunities in the field such as on-site customer trainings, partnered technician trainings and hosted webinars.

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