Electude Releases Cloud-Based Engine Management Simulator

Nov. 20, 2014

Nov. 20, 2014—Electude International announced Thursday that it has launched a cloud-based, engine management simulator.

The simulator will provide automotive students and technicians access to what the company referred to as the most advanced automotive simulator available in the educational market today. All actions and reactions are simulated allowing learners to carry out fault-finding tasks as though they were working on a real vehicle. These exercises can be carried out from almost any online device and will be available in over 30 languages.

“The Electude Simulator affords learners the opportunity to practice their diagnostic skills in a realistic virtual environment, before working on real vehicles,” Hans van der Riet, Electude’s chief technology officer, said in a release. “Instructors have the ability to assign faults and to determine which tools are available for each faultfinding exercise; making the simulator customizable to the objective of the exercise. In addition to lessons, tests and tasks, instructors need simulation exercises to be part of any complete learning experience”.

The Electude Simulator replaces the Electude Diagnostic Trainer, popularly known as EDT, which will be removed from Automotive Essentials, Electude’s core automotive curriculum.

The features of the new Electude Simulator include:

- Defining and assigning faults with customizable work orders

- OBDII, CAN bus engine management system

- Graphing scan tool with bi-directional controls and wiring diagrams

- 2-channel oscilloscope with a break out box

- Removable and replaceable parts

- Automatic invoicing feature that includes labor time and parts replaced

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