Hofmann Releases New Wheel Alignment System

Jan. 6, 2016

Jan. 6, 2016—Hofmann’s new geoliner 680 XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System is now available. The alignment system offers exclusive features like advanced measurements for suspension troubleshooting and the quick alignment check. The quick alignment check provides a printout that shows dimensions, tire diameter and alignment data.

“Not only is the new Hofmann geoliner 680 XD wheel alignment system simple to operate, it also provides shops with an audit printout that can be easily explained to customers,” said Adam Brown, product manager for Hofmann. “Because of how efficient and accurate it is, the 680 XD should quickly lead to an increase in alignment sales for any shop that utilizes it.”

To learn more about the Hofmann geoliner 680 XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System, visit Hofmann’s website

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