TI Automotive Releases Higher Pressure Version of 39/50 Pumps

Dec. 4, 2015

Dec. 4, 2015—TI Automotive, a supplier of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology, announced the release of a higher pressure version of its 39/50 Dual Channel Single Stage (DCSS) pumps on Thursday.

The DCSS 39/50 has been designed around the 39mm armature motor and features a single impeller with two parallel rows of turbine blades. It is designed for engines with more than 500 horsepower (HP) and features a flow rate of 400lph at 40psi.

“The turbine blades feed two high-pressure pumping channels, as opposed to a conventional single-stage pump that uses an impeller with a single row of blades at its outer edge,” explained Carl Hockman, product manager, TI Automotive. “This innovative design results in improved hot fuel flow, as well as minimal noise and current use, resulting in efficiency that’s 20 percent higher than conventional pumps.”

TI Automotive’s F90000273 provides high pressure relief. The pump is for gasoline engines only and will support 500 plus HP. The F90000374 delivers high pressure relief and is E85 compatible to support 750 plus HP engines.

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