Consumer Watch Issues PSA Video for Takata Airbags

Aug. 2, 2016

Aug. 2, 2016— released a public service announcement on Friday to help inform consumers on the dangers of defective Takata airbags in certain 2001-2002 Honda vehicles. 

The PSA features Corey Burdick, a victim of a defective airbag that had been recalled. Burdick was in a minor accident in 2014 when a defective airbag left him permanently blind in his right eye. 

“The federal government just issued an urgent warning to consumers about certain 2001/2002 Honda vehicles with defective airbags,” Richard Newsome, a consumer advocate and product safety attorney said in the video.  “The warning told consumers not even to drive their vehicles until they have taken it into a dealership to make sure that if they have a defective airbag, it has been replaced.” 

Takata airbags can be found in one in every five cars on the road in the U.S.