Bunch: 10x Turbocharge Your Life and Business (Part 1)

April 29, 2024
Do you know what your ideal life looks like personally and professionally?

10x Turbocharge Your Life and Business was the name of one of the classes I taught at VISION this year. Just as we shop owners look at our Google reviews to get a pulse on how our clients are feeling, teachers and trainers closely monitor the feedback from our presentations. We know we can't please every auto repair client, and not everyone will resonate with every presentation they hear.

When I submitted my idea for a class at VISION, Sheri Hamilton and I knew this would be a "different type of class." We both wondered about the kind of response it would elicit. I am thrilled to report that most of the feedback was extremely positive. I received an email from someone in the class thanking me and sharing how they now feel better equipped to handle a very tough situation.

As I write this from my hotel room at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, where I am attending WorldPac’s STX training event and preparing to teach four classes, I hope to continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives and businesses.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response from my 10x class, I am excited to share some highlights and ideas for you to consider. What does living a 10x life and business mean to you? Everyone’s answers are different.

For me, the 10x concept isn’t just about exerting more effort. It's about dreaming big—really big—and then matching those dreams with equally bold actions. Some people talk about taking massive action, while others focus on strategic freedom, emphasizing strengths and achieving more by working smarter, not harder.

My dad just turned 90 last month. As you can imagine, his generation went through some tough times. He always emphasized the importance of good grades, college, and working for a big corporation with a good retirement plan. Despite his advice, I took a different path after high school.

I got married young and was soon a father. Although I had already failed at my first attempt to start a company, I went to work at a small air-cooled VW shop in Southern California, simply trying to provide for my young family. Even then, with no clear path forward, I knew I wanted more; that I was meant to become more, and that God had more in store for me—not just for my own sake, but to make a difference for my family and in the world.

That drive propelled me from that little shop to where I am today, owning six shops and helping other business owners transform their operations and lives through my other businesses. Deciding to pursue a 10x life has been about relentless growth, making decisions that not only aim for a legacy and impact but also deeply align with my values of faith, family, and service. It didn’t happen overnight; I am still a work in progress. Over and over, I’ve learned that you become who you associate with, what you read, and how much you’re willing to risk achieving your dreams.

Now, it's your turn. Take a minute. Think about what a 10x transformation would mean for your life and business. What are the big dreams you've held back from pursuing? What's one step you could take today to start moving towards that vision?

Grab a piece of paper or open a new document on your computer. Write down your vision of a 10x life and business. Don’t hold back; let your imagination run wild with possibilities. Once you have it down, email it to me ([email protected]). I want to read about your big dreams. There is tremendous power in sharing your dreams with others, especially with someone like me who believes you can achieve them!

Next month, we'll dive into the practical steps you can take to start making your 10x dreams a reality. We’ll explore how to break down these big goals into actionable steps and how to overcome the common obstacles that might be in your way.

So, what’s your 10x? Let’s make it happen together. Send me your vision and stay tuned for next month’s deep dive into turning those dreams into tangible successes.

About the Author

Greg Bunch

Greg Bunch is the founder/CEO of Aspen Auto Clinic, a six-shop operation in Colorado, and the founder/CEO of Transformers Institute, a training, coaching, and consulting company for the auto repair industry.

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