Redline Speedworx

Nov. 1, 2014
Redline Speedworx looked to mimic the dealership experience in its new building

SHOP: Redline Speed Worx
LOCATION: Green Brook, N.J.
OWNER: Patrick Murray 
11,000 square feet
STAFF: 8 (3 technicians, 2 service advisors, 1 accountant/bookkeeper, 1 owner, 1 shop foreman)   
ANNUAL REVENUE: $3 million

1) When owner Patrick Murray and his business partner purchased the land and building that would eventually become Redline Speed Worx, they knew a total renovation was in store for the property. They wanted to create a space that would rival the dealership experience the shop’s high-end clientele was used to. That’s why the first decision was to create an all-white shop floor. The walls, floor and ceiling were painted a bright white that Murray says makes the shop feel like an operating room. 

2) They also filled the shop with brand-new equipment. The shop floor features a state-of-the-art alignment rack that’s set perfectly flush with the floor. 

“We do a lot of performance cars where the car is really low and can’t drive up on a standard alignment rack,” Murray says. “It’s a big attraction for a lot of the customers.” 

3) The shop also purchased brand-new wheel and tire equipment. Upon moving into the new building, Redline became a primary dealer for HRE Wheels, a high-end, American-made line of wheels.

 “We needed the tire equipment to go along with that because we didn’t want to damage the wheel that we’re selling to the customer,” Murray says. 

4) A sliding track runs along the length of the shop and hooks up to the exhaust evacuation system. The hoses connect into the car’s exhaust tips so the car can be run inside the shop without any lingering fumes. A large blower system is then mounted on the roof of the building. 

“Because we have office staff working here and customers hanging out, it was a very big deal that we don’t have any issues with fumes persisting,” Murray says.

5) A separate assembly room features stainless-steel work benches and equipment for working on transmission and engine repairs or rebuilds. 

6) The reception area and customer lounge was designed as a comfortable atmosphere for customers to work, relax or hang out. Murray says the shop regularly has people traveling from great distances for the shop’s specialized services, so a lounge where customers could hang out for a longer period of time was high on the priority list. 

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