Pickering's Auto Service

Jan. 2, 2016
The Lakewood, Colo., shop embraces its family tradition of running a shop through five generations


Randy Pickering built Pickering’s Auto Service from the ground up in 1976, but even before then, auto service was a family tradition. The Pickerings have been in the auto service business for 69 years, with Randy as the fourth generation, and the family legacy shows no signs of slowing down. Randy, the president and owner, is surrounded by family at the shop with his three children working for him. Trent is the store manager, Brandon serves as the finance and operations manager, and Taylor is the marketing director.

Pickering’s Auto Service is about more than just making money, and customers take notice. The shop, which has had a 1950s theme since it was built in 1976, is all about providing state-of-the-art techniques while maintaining its neighborhood shop feel.

1) Right on entry, it’s clear that history and family values are an important part of the shop. Next to the front desk is a history wall, which shows the history of the Pickerings with pictures of all five generations.

2) New customers are immediately welcomed into the Pickering’s family when they receive their new-customer gift bag and tour of the facility. Customers are shown that they are welcome anywhere in the shop and even taken back to where all of the service advisors sit and introduced. The gift bag includes a water bottle, coupon, information about the shop and a brief history of the family and shop.

3) The lobby is decorate with 50s memorabilia, including license plates, diecast cars, a Coca-Cola sign and a vintage soda machine. While waiting, customers can play music from the tiny jukebox and sip on a hot drink from the Keurig machine.

4) Another special feature is the Texaco gas pump. The Pickerings had been on the lookout for a classic gas pump and heard about an antique dealer in Morrison, Colo., that had one. The pump was purchased and refurbished, and now serves as a connection to the 50s.

5) While customers wait, they can watch NAPA’s AutoNetTV—a special program that shows current TV programs as well as informational and entertainment-based videos about the automotive industry.

6) The shop, which is recognized as an eco-conscious facility, is powered by 250 solar panels. The panels, which have been there about five years, are only part of Pickering’s sustainability efforts. The shop also burns its own waste oil.

7) The marquee outside of the shop displays the close ties that Pickering’s Auto Service has with the community. The marquee has been there since the shop opened and most of the time has a community-based message, such as a local sports team’s big win or an upcoming event.

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