Shop View: Midvalley Automotive 

March 12, 2024
Take a look at the modern, industrial look inside Sean and Michelle Hartnett’s Washington shop.

Midvalley Automotive

Owners: Sean & Michelle Hartnett
Location: Wenatchee, Washington
Size: 10 employees
Shop Size: 7,840 square feet
Number of Bays: 10
Average Monthly Car Count: 246
Annual Revenue: $2.5 million 


What started out in 2008 as an operation running out of their home’s garage has turned into a successful business for Sean and Michelle Hartnett, owners of Midvalley Automotive in Wenatchee, Washington. This past October, the two moved from a 3,500-square-foot, two-bay shop into a facility they built on their own property. 


Welcome to Midvalley! 

The bottom half of the building’s exterior consists of black brick, with the upper part made of gray metal. The building’s eaves are deliberately aimed away from the bay doors to prevent snow from falling in the way.  

The city required two pedestrian amenities, so Michelle had the idea to place a rustic-style bench constructed from the tailgate of an old Chevy pickup beside the door. A few steps away sits a free little library for people to drop off and pick up books as they please. 


Classy and Simple 

Past a front desk made of granite countertop and wood siding, customers enter the waiting area and are greeted with a table offering free beverages, surrounded by plants. Above it hangs photos of the Hartnett’s pets and a photo taken by Michelle’s brother. 

Inspired by the style of lobbies in hotels and banks, the waiting area has cushioned seats and a fireplace, and tables Sean constructed from pipe and butcher block provide the modern industrial look that the couple wanted to achieve. 

“We really wanted to do kind of a high-end, comfortable, inviting waiting area,” says Sean. 


Maximizing Efficiency

New building means new equipment, including a Challenger 12K Lift reaching 15 feet high, and a brand-new Ranger parts washer that allows technicians to work faster. 

Midvalley Automotive’s shop is designed to maximize efficiency. A three-foot walkway stretches down the middle of the shop allowing staff to traverse through without getting in anyone’s way, and Flexzilla extension cord reels mounted to the wall keep the ground clear of any obstacles. Heated floors make it easy to maintain heat as the bay doors open and close throughout the day. 

“Sean’s put a lot of thought into the layout, efficiency, and what the techs would be comfortable working,” says Michelle. “I think he did a great job of designing it.” 

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