Tenn. Students Prepare for Jobs at Ford's Blue Oval City

Nov. 14, 2022

Ford's Blue Oval City manufacturing plant will open in 2025 in Haywood, Tennessee. 

Nov. 14, 2022—The construction of Ford's Blue Oval City in Haywood, Tennessee, is inspiring some students to learn more about careers in the automotive industry. 

According to WREG News 3, an automotive repair class at Cordova High School is abuzz with opportunity for students. Auto shop instructor Brian Sneed says the job potential from the facility could create what he coins a “Blue Oval Boom Town”.

“Blue Oval City…it’s predominantly electric vehicle stuff," Sneed told WREG News 3. "We don’t teach that part but it’s still a manufacturing facility for vehicles and vehicle components, so we will feed into that.”

The facility is set to open in 2025, and will produce the F-150 Lightning electric pickup and electric vehicle batteries. It has the potential to employ close to 6,000 people. Cordova is in Shelby County, and Ford has actually partnered with Memphis-Shelby County schools in the state to help students prepare for potential careers at Blue Oval City. 

Ford supplies curriculum, hands-on training, work-based learning and more. In terms of hiring an enthusiastic workforce, this could prove to be a smart strategy for Ford. Cordova High senior Brian Martinez told WREG News 3 that he is already planning on becoming a technician with Ford, with a long-term goal of working on cars for the rest of his career. 

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