ADAS Technology Leads the Way in AAPEX Media Tour

Nov. 2, 2022

ADAS technology on full display at AAPEX 2022.

Nov. 2, 2022—If a scheduled media tour is any indication of the direction and flow of the automotive aftermarket, then the handwriting is on the wall. 

Of the nine stops of Tuesday’s tour, one-third of those were related to ADAS technology. Demonstrations by Autel, Texa, and Bosch Automotive Solutions demonstrated some of the advanced made in ADAS.  


Dubbed “Intelligent ADAS,” the Autel ADAS system seamlessly handles wheel alignment and ADAS calibration. According to Sales Manager Richard Zenteno, the system was deisgned to make it easy for repair shops to increase profitability through ADAS alignments. The equipment only needs a space of 30 feet by 60 feet to work. 

“Ninety percent of the time you spend setting up targets. We have a camera-based system with a graphic interface to make calibration setup simpler—in two minutes. A target can be placed digitally. [Irt] increase profitability and efficiency of the shop. "I call that a win-win," Zenteno said. 


Italian-based Texa uses a Windows-based operating system for its RCCS3 ADAS equipment. It calibrates using a 75-inch screen to project targets versus hanging targets. Since it is camera-based, shop owners aren’t required to buy new targets, and it can fit within the space of a standard single bay. 

“You use the software, connect the vehicle, and the OEM-sized target shows up on the screen matched to the OEM’s size,” said Sales Manager Joffrey Starcher, pointed out that while this is the first U.S model, it’s been used in Europe for three to four years.  

Bosch Automotive Solution   

Bosch’s DAS 3000 uses vision positioning to set targets and position a fixture in front of the vehicle. Spacing requirements are 25 feet by 30 feet to cover most midsized vehicles, said Senior Product Manager Scott McKinney. Developed in Germany, the product was designed to make ADAS more efficient while making a product sized to fit within the shop to become a normal piece of equipment. 

Rounding out the tour were BG Products, First Brands Group, Coats, Tekmetric, and the Right to Repair booth. 

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