Leads Near Me and Mechanic Advisor Form Partnership

Aug. 25, 2022

Leads Near Me provides websites and Google marketing for the automotive aftermarket while Mechanic Advisor offers CRM services.

Aug. 25, 2022 Leads Near Me and Mechanic Advisor have announced a partnership that will bring its companies' services to a broader audience. 

Leads Near me offers automotive aftermarket website development and Google marketing.  

“We’ve learned that being an expert in an area is extremely powerful,” Ryan Burton, founder & CEO of Leads Near Me explained in a press release. “A lot of companies do too many things and provide a mediocre service for all, instead of being an expert at one. Both Leads Near Me and Mechanic Advisor have elected to take the expert path and lean on each other for what the other provides.” 

Mechanic Advisor provides CRM services for better customer communication. It recently launched a new CRM platform called Steer and will offer a freemium version of the platform for Leads Near Me customers. The CRM will help those customers with scheduling and calendar needs.  

"By building an integrated partnership, we provide all Leads Near Me customers with access to the Steer platform. Mutual repair shops will get far better tools, and the customers that visit these shops will receive a much-enhanced repair experience," said Parker Swift, founder and CEO of Mechanic Advisor via press release. 

Both companies have also developed internal communication channels to make collaborative work easier for shared customers.  

“We’ve been partnering for a few months, and we are excited to officially announce this relationship. Working with Leads Near Me and Mechanic Advisor, you will feel like you're working with one company while getting the benefit of working with experts in each space,” explained Burton. “If you have a current CRM or website provider you can work with each company separately, you don’t have to change. We both know there are good options out there you can still use but working with us you will feel like it is one company and get two times the amazing customer service.”  

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