900K of Colorado's Vehicles Have Open Recalls

July 25, 2022

Over 907,000 vehicles on the road in Colorado have an open recall on them, and this impacts more than initially meets the eye. 

July 25, 2022—Over 907,000 vehicles on the road in Colorado have an open recall.

According to KOAA News, this number makes up over 18 percent of the state's total of cars on the road. Data from CARFAX has revealed that Colorado sits at spot number 19 when it comes to how the states are ranked on open vehicle recalls.

There can be many reasons why drivers don't take their vehicles in to get recalls addressed, even though the process is free of cost. The article lists a few potential reasons as drivers not being aware of a recall on their vehicle or having not gotten around to scheduling time to address the issue.  

But at the end of the day, an open recall decreases a car's value. With used car prices high, this is something for drivers to consider.

”Anybody looking or shopping for a used car should be checking for open recalls. I can’t stress this enough. There is a federal law in place that prohibits a new car from being sold with an open recall, but there’s nothing to prevent a used car being sold with an open recall,” said CARFAX Spokesperson Emilie Voss  to KOAA News. 

Another point that the article raises is that, although many repair shops are struggling to get parts due to the supply chain, manufacturers will continue to prioritize parts for recalls when possible. 

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