Albuquerque Repair Shops Targeted in Burglary Spree

June 13, 2022

One shop owner has heard of at least 11 shops that have fallen victim, and many of the owners believe that it could be the same person robbing them all. 

June 13, 2022—Some repair shops in Albuquerque, New Mexico, believe that they are all suffering from thievery at the hands of the same individual. 

According to KOB, security camera footage has led shops to hypothesize that the same criminal is responsible for a recent string of robberies.

The shops came to this conclusion in part when the business owners began posting the security footage on social media to raise awareness. That's when they realized that it could be the same person. 

Todd McMullan, owner of East Central Tire and Battery, believes this person broke into his shop twice in 24 hours and it is starting to make him reconsider owning his shop.

“I am tired of it,” McMullan said in the article. “My dad had this shop since 1969, I took it over 10 years ago and every year it gets a little worse… I am to the point where I am ready to get a different job and just shut it down and sell it to somebody who wants to put up with this kind of crap.”

According to another shop owner named Taz Brewster of Taz Auto Repair, he knows of around 11 shops that have been hit by the robberies, including his own.  

“I seen the door that was pried open and I didn’t know if one of my employees were in there until I seen that the lock was broken so, I was like, they got into me,” Brewster said in the article.

The search for this individual is ongoing, but overall the shop owners just want this person off the streets and for no more shops to fall victim. 

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