Study: Shop Investment In EVs Remain Low

July 23, 2021
A new study from IMR documents how EV and hybrid vehicles are impacting independent repair shops.

July 23, 2021—A new study from IMR, an automotive market research firm, released its latest insight on how EV and hybrid vehicles are impacting independent repair shops, according to a press release. 

The study found roughly three percent of vehicles serviced at an average shop are electric vehicles, while just over six percent are hybrids. 

It also found a distinct difference in region as shops located in the West (7.7 percent) have nearly double the percentage of business of EVs than shops in the Midwest.

Still it is increasing nearly everywhere, as 89.4 percent of shops that service EVs have seen an increase in the amount they service. 

Despite that, only 27.5 percent of shops have invested in tools and equipment to specifically service BEVs/HEVs while 30.5 percent of shops said they had invested in additional or specialized training for technicians, focused on electric or hybrid vehicles.

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