Denso Celebrates Manufacturing in October

Oct. 7, 2019

Denso is celebrating manufacturing throughout the month with a variety of programs and events at its locations across North America to inspire the next generation of manufacturing talent.

Oct. 7, 2019—Throughout the month, Denso is celebrating manufacturing with a variety of programs and events at its locations across North America to inspire the next generation of manufacturing talent. The company, with its 70-year history of crafting advanced automotive components and systems for almost every vehicle make and model on the road, will host student tours, call for manufacturing-themed essays and showcase the rewarding careers possible in the field. 

Produced by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute, Manufacturing Day addresses its common misperceptions by showing what manufacturing really is. Denso, for example, is at the forefront of automated and data-rich manufacturing, or Industry 4.0, and provides tech-forward training for employees to learn new skills and advance their careers.

"Too often, there is a stigma around manufacturing, but the fact is this – manufacturing is changing the world," said Shinichi Nakamizo, executive officer of Denso Corporation and North American Manufacturing, and president of Denso's Maryville, Tenn., facility. "Manufacturing allows us to keep pace with the new demands of mobility. It creates an environment in which our employees can learn new skills and excel. And it allows us to build a collaborative, diverse and inclusive workforce that is helping revolutionize transportation and move society forward."

Events to Connect with Future Generations on Modern Manufacturing

In support of Manufacturing Day, DENSO is hosting activities at and around its facilities in North America throughout October:  

  • Essay Competitions: Students at K-12 schools in Athens, Tennessee, and Osceola, Arkansas, will submit essays about what manufacturing means to them and the importance of transportation. Winners will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Denso facility in their area and meet with its leadership to see firsthand how Denso supports the world's major automakers.
  • Interactive Tours & Exhibits: Denso's Maryville facility will open its doors to 300 high school students, who will experience hands-on robotics demonstrations. Denso's North American headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, on Oct. 4 will sponsor 200 students from local middle schools to visit the Cranbrook Institute of Science for a Manufacturing Day-themed event that will feature robotics and drones. Denso will also provide robots and manufacturing-related educational materials to the Cranbrook Institute of Science's Robot Revolution exhibit.  
  • Career Opportunities: Denso will be on-site at three colleges and universities, including Kellogg Community College (Battle Creek, Michigan), FIME University (Mexico) and Mitchell Community College (Statesville, North Carolina), to connect with young professionals on careers in STEM fields, as many different roles and perspectives contribute to successful manufacturing.

Training Grounds to Upskill Advanced Manufacturing Workforce

As the auto industry continues to rapidly change and move toward electrification and automated driving, Denso is committed to supporting its employees to ensure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the changing automotive industry. To help its current workforce, especially skilled trades workers, machine technicians and engineering employees, handle new developments like the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and Industry 4.0, Denso is investing in innovative and tech-forward training grounds around the country.

At centers in Michigan, Tennessee and Mexico, for example, Denso trains employees in areas like advanced robotics and automated manufacturing systems. Such resources help Denso employees stay nimble, learn new skills and advance their careers.

For those interested in Denso and a career at the leading edge of automotive and manufacturing, go to

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