Bosch Updates ADS Diagnostic Scan Tools

Aug. 2, 2019

Bosch adds new coverage, codes, special functions and tests in latest software update for ADS diagnostic scan tools. 

Aug. 2, 2019—Bosch announced the release of software version 3.8 for the ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic scan tools in North America. This update adds new coverage, including codes, live data, special functions to ensure the ADS series tools offer the best comprehensive diagnostic coverage available for technicians on the market.

Software version 3.8 adds new coverage to a wide variety of Asian, domestic and European manufacturers and vehicles through the 2019 model year. In addition, new ADAS dynamic camera calibrations have been added to select manufacturers, as well as pre and post scan coverage for numerous models.

New features for late and current model vehicles added to software version 3.8 are highlighted by:

  • DTCS and Live Data for 2019 model year GM, Hyundai and Kia vehicles, as well as 2018 model year Audi, BMW/Mini, Mercedes Benz and more
  • ADAS dynamic type forward facing camera calibrations for 2019 model years GM and select Kia models, along with 2018 model year BMW/Mini, and GM vehicles
  • Special Tests for 2018-2019 model year GM, Smart, Volkswagen and more

Additional ADS diagnostic scan tool functionality incorporated into the latest update includes:

  • 91 new parameters for OBD-II Mode 6 added for Hyundai and Kia
  • New diagnostic information, including DTC Circuit Descriptions and DTC Possible Causes for 2018 model year Chrysler, Jeep, Ford and GM vehicles

For more information on the new Bosch ADS series software update and full release notes, visit

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