Women In Auto Care Leadership Conference Preview [Video]

Feb. 22, 2023

Dynamic speakers, engaging sessions and the chance to connect with your colleagues are just a few of the reasons to attend!

Feb. 22, 2023— Jessica Toliuszis, chairperson of Women in Auto Care, a community of the Auto Care Association, sat down with Motor Age Technical Editor Brandon Steckler to talk about her role and upcoming the 2023 Women in Auto Care Leadership Conference in Palm Springs, California, February 27-March 1 (video below). 

The annual conference brings women from around the county together for a chance to connect, learn and grow with one another to excel in leadership in the auto care industry. 

According to its website, the conference’s primary objective is focused on “sharpening personal and professional development skills and providing (women) with the latest industry updates and trends.” 

The Women in Auto Care Conference is accredited by Northwood University. 

Learn more via the WIAC Conference event page.

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