Video: Hunter Engineering Ultimate ADAS Demo at SEMA

Nov. 2, 2023
The award-winning system "combines world-class alignment with the fastest and easiest target placements."

Hunter Engineering has developed a revolutionary new ADAS calibration system called Ultimate ADAS. It combines the company's world-class alignment technology with a fast and easy-to-use guided target placement system. Gimbal-mounted lasers replace the guesswork of strings, plumb bobs and tape measures, cutting setup time by up to 70% for some procedures leaving shops more profitable after calibration jobs.

Ryan Gerber, Hunter Product Specialist, ADAS, says, "It's named Ultimate ADAS™ for a reason. It's the fastest and most precise ADAS calibration system available."

The system won a 2023 SEMA New Products Showcase award as the "Best New Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Product 2024."

Tommy Maitz, director of marketing, hosted Ratchet+Wrench for a live product demonstration. Maitz says the system guides the users with laser gimbals to help shops determine the OEM-recommended area around the vehicle necessary to perform the calibration. Once measured, shops can decide how or where to proceed.

"Now you make the decision if you could do this in a space, or if you need to make an adjustment. Do I need to back the vehicle onto the lift and move the system back there (because the entire system is mobile)? Or can I move to the next bay over where there's a two-post and maybe just push the vehicle back a little further ...' So, the system is designed to make that process a lot faster and a lot easier because putting these targets on takes seconds," Maitz said.

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