Online Shop Owners Group Responds to Tragedy

Dec. 7, 2023
Members of the Changing the Industry Podcast Facebook group help an Ohio shop destroyed in an explosion.

An online auto repair shop owners group has collectively come to the aid of an Ohio auto repair shop owner whose shop was destroyed by an explosion that left three people dead and one injured on Nov. 29.

Jimbo's Auto Repair in Hillsboro, Ohio, located between Cincinnati and Columbus, was rocked by an explosion at approximately 4 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 28, officials told USA Today

Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire Chief David Manning reported the injured person to be hospitalized and in stable condition at the time of the report and said the explosion "was strong enough to rattle the firehouse approximately 5 blocks away."

Members of the online auto repair shop owners group Changing the Industry Podcast responded to a post in the group by member ShopLoaner with a call to action and solidarity that has led to donations of more than $18,500.

The GoFundMe states:

11/28/23 Will forever be in the minds of such a tight community. In this tragic time I ask us all to come together as a community and extend what we can to all the Family’s who lost loved ones and those left here to deal with all this tragedy. “Jimbos” A small auto repair shop in Hillsboro Ohio blew up loosing 3 lives as well a business built by a great Family. Let’s do what we can to get these individuals laid to rest peacefully without the need to worry. All of the lives lost was an income these families are now without. Christmas is coming and going to be hard enough. Let’s come together as a community and do all we can to relieve these burdens. All Proceeds will be distributed to Brooke and James Chambers to distribute to all the families affected. Thank you all. I have some really great people in my circle and know we can get this done!


If you'd like to donate, visit the Jimbo's GoFundMe page.

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