VISION 2024: 10 Quotes to Boost Your Marketing IQ

March 7, 2024
Power Lunch Summit keynote Scott Stratten says your customers are inside and outside the shop—market to both. 

You know you’re going to be in for a ride when the keynote speaker bears a forearm tattoo that says “unlearn.” VISION 2024 keynote speaker Scott Stratten’s body sports that ink. He addressed a packed room at the Power Lunch Summit fulfilling that promise on March 1.  

He opened with a story about a family’s stay at the Ritz Carlton that resulted in their child leaving a stuffed animal behind. Rather than mailing it back, the hotel leaned into the father’s story to the child—Joshie the giraffe isn’t lost, but on an extended vacation. This allowed the brand, known for being expensive and exclusive, to humanize itself by sending photos of the giraffe getting a massage, hanging with other stuffed friends at the bar, and working to pay for its stay. Stratten used the story to show how a little creativity changes people's perception of brands. 

“Psychologists say when you look at a brand, you recall your most recent interaction with that band or what you’ve heard about it—and the most extreme example of that brand,” Stratten said. 

What do your customer interactions say about your business brand? Here are 10 quotes from Stratten’s keynote address to help you dive in: 

1. "Branding is about little shifts, one direction or another." It doesn’t take sweeping changes to make a difference. It’s about choosing a compelling direction and taking steps. 

2. "Everybody wants word of mouth, but the only way you get it is by doing things worth talking about." To attract attention, you must be memorable. People need to have a reason to share their experience at your business with others. 

3. "Just because you aren't using (social media) doesn't mean your customers aren't." You may not like a particular platform or find value in using social media for your business, but your customers do. It is about winning them, right? 

4. "It's not that (young people) don't want to work anymore, they don't want to work for you." Gen Z isn’t lazy and unmotivated. You need to create an environment where people look forward to showing up every day. 

5. "The only way to innovation is through insubordination. Listen." Give your people the freedom to speak up and to give you ideas and suggestions. You don’t know who amongst them will give you your next great idea. 

6. "You don't know what it's like to work for you." Gut check. You may not be as wonderful as you think you are because you can’t see yourself. You must know how your team sees you. Let them be your mirrors. The best way to find out how your team views you? Ask. 

7. "When you tell someone they screwed up, you think it's situational.They think it's foundational." When your team members make mistakes, they see your criticism as you coming down on their character, not correcting a situation. Words have power. Communicate clearly. 

8. "Evoke emotion. Design and create things for them—the customer." Everything you do for your business needs to have the end goal of pleasing the customer and getting a positive response from them. 

9. "Use Stop. Start. Continue. Ask what should we stop doing, what should we start doing, and what should we continue doing." If you want to grow effectively, have your team use this exercise to help you get dialed into what matters to the team. Then move forward with the feedback.  

10. "We share stories. We don't share mediocre." Give great service and your customers will be your best marketing vehicle.

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